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Account Request

Access to any of the Research IT Services administered facilities, such as Cluster Computing facilities, is available to research users within UCD. In order to use the facilities, you will need to have a UCD Login ID. Once you have this information you can then request access to the Research IT Services administered facilities by completing the following form.

Acceptable Usage Policies

By submitting this form you are agreeing to accept and abide by the UCD Acceptable Usage Policy You also agree not to share your account or details with any other person or group. Your account is for your use only.

Where application for an ICHEC Fionn @ UCD account is made, you are also agreeing to accept and abide by the ICHEC Acceptable Usage Policy.

User Details

First name1 Surname1
University Postal Address1
School / Institute1

Research Details:

Cluster Details:

For UCD Sonic Cluster Access Only:

All UCD researchers can apply for accounts on the Shared(Sonic) Compute Cluster. Only researchers who are members of a group who has contributed hardware to the Community Compute Cluster may apply for an account on the community cluster. Please choose which type of access you wish to request:

I confirm that I have read and accept the terms of the UCD Acceptable Usage Policy

For ICHEC Fionn Cluster Access Only:
I confirm that I have read and accept the terms of the ICHEC Acceptable Usage Policy
Preferred Username2
This username applies only to ICHEC Fionn @ UCD account requests. Account requests on the Sonic Cluster will use your allocated UCD Login ID.

Research IT Services Acknowledgement / Citation

Please reference the Research IT Service in any research report, journal or publication that that our services contribute to. Recognising the services and support available through the group is important for acquiring funding for new resources.

Our suggested acknowledgement is:

The author(s) acknowledge the Research IT Service at University College Dublin for providing {HPC, visualisation facilities, consulting} resources that have contributed to the research results reported within this paper.

Select one or more of the items within the braces { }


  • All fields marked 1 are required for all applications.
  • All fields marked 2 are only required for ICHEC Fionn @ UCD accounts.
  • All fields marked 3 are only required for Community Compute accounts.
  • Users can apply for one account only under the ICHEC Fionn @ UCD option. However users can apply for seperate accounts on the ICHEC National service through the usual methods directly to ICHEC